Choose your words wisely


Words have the power to hurt, to heal, to open minds, and to change the world. Choose your words wisely.

Words cost nothing but the wrong words could be costing you your business. 

We all know that if a brochure, advert or web page looks naff we won’t read it so the written content takes a back seat to eye catching design and image. Yet it’s the words that have the power to engage your audience, build trust and persuade them. It’s the words and not the pictures that seal the deal.

Getting the copy right helps position your business, product or service to motivate your audience to take action.

All too often the written words that are required in your business are left to the owner or the person who has dabbled in blog writing. When the written word has often been compared to a sword should writing be really left to the amateurs? 

A good writer will create clear, concise copy that engages your audience. A good writer tells a story that’s on message. A good writer will enhance your company’s reputation by building trust and loyalty.

Do you find yourself lost for words . . . why not let HSW Media help you!




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If you need it written we can do it. We will tailor the words so your messages are heard and understood. We provide a whole host of services which use the written word to engage with your audiences. Here is a snapshot of what we can do for you.



As a business owner, you have plenty to say about the service and product you provide but you struggle to put it into words or just don’t have the time? Why not trust an expert? We can tailor our language, voice and message for any audience. It’s a real skill. And we can quickly grasp what it is you need to say to influence your audiences whilst you get on with your day job.

website copy

You spend big bucks on the look and feel of your website but then you write your own website copy? Run that by me again? Remember, words seal the deal. Maybe your English teacher said you were good at writing but this is YOUR businesses website? We can make sure the tone is right and matches your other literature. We can write conversationally and we also know a thing or two about SEO.

Award Entries

We will help you understand the criteria and ensure you truly articulate your solid proposition. Leaving you more time to decide what you are wearing to the finalists ball and work on your acceptance speech (oh we can help you with that too!).


You hear it all the time, you need to blog. But what are you going to say and when are you going to find time to do that? We can help . . . blogging on a frequent basis is an inexpensive way to enhance your inbound marketing efforts, drive traffic to your site, and attract more prospective customers.

marketing literature

Sure no one knows your business like you do, and that’s why you are the wrong person to write the copy for any marketing literature; you are too close.  We can ensure that all marketing and promotional materials work together to establish your brand. That’s the best way to leverage your investment in marketing and increase your ROI.

PR and Editorial

Press Releases are not dead but they are often over looked by journalists who have so many news sources at their fingertips.  If you have a story you want to share with the press it’s now key more than ever that you pitch it right.  We talk the language of the press. Let us work with you to craft the copy to win them over so you can utilise the media to engage with your audience.


“Content is king” and the days of ‘just posting’ on social media are over. The days of updating content on your website every six months are over too. Your audience and google analytics need more. We can manage your plans and write the words you need to drive that traffic and engage your audience

Bid writing

Have you got a Bid or Tender to prepare? We work with you to understand precisely what the buyer is looking for. We think through and develop a proposition and provide structured responses. We ensure the final response is comprehensive and compelling.


Good words are worth much and cost little
— George Herbert


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